Our Designs




Mental Health

This piece was intended to reveal the beauty and reality of a journey with mental health. Featuring a blossoming chrysanthemum, representing happiness and peace. Tropical hibiscus and peonies bloom from the head, representing joy and bravery. A visual representation of the strength and beauty that grows when we address our mental health.

Baby's Breath

Infant Loss/Fertility Struggles

This print was created for all the mom's and dad's who have known the deep loss of a child, or struggled with the ability to conceive one. The bouquet of life springing from a mother's hands as she cradles her womb represents that journey. Baby's breath to symbolize innocence, love and purity. Eucalyptus to represent healing, and Hawaiian hibiscus to symbolize health and beauty. The print is intended to honour loss, while also joyfully looking ahead to hope and life in the future.





Chronic Fatigue (Exhausted)

This print is intended to show the reality of chronic fatigue, and the effects and changes it can have on one's life. In this bouquet, energy is represented by the amount of water given to the same flowers. Those with no water are struggling, while those fully watered are thriving. The vision behind this piece is a reminder that fatigue is a heavy battle, and one that no one should journey alone. As well, no matter how exhausted you may be in one season, with the right care and water, flowers and growth will always return.



Many of our designs are created by local artist, Amy Reding. Her designs help tell the stories we live.

Amy is a Calgary based artist and writer. She is a fellow warrior, having fought cancer not once, but twice. She initially began creating her drawings as an outlet and a source of joy during her cancer battle. She now creates to not only bring healing to herself, but also others; believing that even in the darkest of times, beauty can spring forth. When she is not visiting her friends in Hawaii, you can find her out with her dog August, in the mountains, likely with an iced coffee in hand.

To see more of her work, check out her instagram @amyreding