• My Postpartum Journey

    "When you have a baby everyone asks about the baby. How is he doing? Is he a good baby? Not very many people ask how you are doing. If they do ask they they don't expect you to say anything negative..."
    These are the words of Janessa Reimer, mental health and postpartum Warrior. Janessa found that after having her beautiful little boy, Arden, her mental health started declining. A colicky baby, lack of sleep, difficulty breastfeeding and numerous other struggles precipitated Janessa falling into a dark place. In her story below, Janessa speaks candidly about her struggle in being a new mom and demonstrates how she is rising above her self-doubt and feelings of shame to create a community (both on-line and in-person) where new moms who are also struggling can go to be vulnerable, and feel supported, without fear of judgement.
  • "Coming Out"

    I am beyond honored to introduce Toni and to facilitate the sharing of her story today, on what marks the 11th anniversary of her first cancer diagnosis. This story marks a “coming out” for Toni, as she has spent more than a decade facing one battle after another, being in a space where she felt she couldn't be authentic about what she was feeling, or share what she was actually going through. As she evolves through her journey, Toni tells her story here in the hopes that it opens up the conversation around her and inspires others to do the same. Thank you for bravely sharing, Toni.