It's Who We Are

In 2015 our second child, Kate, was born still. When we first lost Kate all that I could do was think about
her and all I wanted to do was talk about her. I remember being in a grocery store shortly after, and it was like one of those movie montages - where life is bustling and continuing on as though nothing has changed - and yet for me, life was turned upside down. I needed someone to really see me and what I was going through.

It was after sharing this need to be acknowledged that a friend mentioned that in Jewish tradition, after one experiences loss, they tear the lapel off their clothing to signify to others that they are grieving, that they needed to be treated with care and compassion. In this way, they develop a community of support.

Four years into loss, a lot has changed. Most days, I am no longer as fragile as I was in the early days. I no longer need to talk about Kate every minute of the day, but what hasn’t changed is the desire to be acknowledged for my story, for people to truly hear and see this piece of me.

Hence, Warrior Label was born. Warrior Label is a brand of apparel designed to acknowledge, honor and celebrate all warriors, no matter where they are at in their journey. In choosing fabric that warms and envelops the body, to creating designs that resonate with those who are warrior-ing on through their struggle, compassion, care and acknowledgement are infused in every part of our brand.

In evolving through my own struggle, I am both amazed and moved by how many WARRIORS are also working through their own struggles. Warrior Label is designed in acknowledgement of them - of you - and your resiliency, as you also evolve.


One of Warrior Label’s core values is giving back. We are committed to giving 10% of our profits to
charities that provide support to individuals and families going through adversity. Warrior Label will take nominations for such charities and will periodically ask our customers to help choose where these profits will go. We will change the charities we support twice a year.

If you ever have any questions about our giving back efforts, or would like us to consider a particular
charity to support, please email us at hello@warriorlabel.com.